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Lets Talk Bridal Trial

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

As a Bride-To-Be you may not know what to expect when it comes to a trial or if you even need one?

This post is your answer!

I invested a little time over the weekend, breaking it down to the nitty gritty so I can provide you with the ULTIMATE BRIDAL TRIAL GUIDE.

WHAT IS A TRIAL A pre-wedding makeup trial is an opportunity to experiment and envision your desired makeup look for your special day. This is a crucial step to ensure we’ve perfected the look in advance which in return will help your wedding day run more smoothly = no surprises! During the trial we will go over the look you would like to achieve, and for some, it may even be the first time we meet so gives us the chance to get to know each other. Having that bond prior will definitely make you feel more “at ease” on your wedding day.

WHEN TO BOOK Trials generally take place on a special occasion or up-coming event you may have. It’s the perfect opportunity to test the longevity of the makeup, see how it feels and get a gage on how it will be on your wedding day.

MORNING OF THE TRIAL Follow your daily skin care routine. Cleanse, tone, moisturise as normal (no sunscreen). Apply an under-eye cream and hydrating lip balm to condition your lips. If your skin allows, it is encouraged to perform a gentle exfoliation the night before. This will aid in a more flawless makeup application.

WHAT TO WEAR Wear something loose and stretchy if possible that can easily lift off over your head so it doesn’t come in contact with your makeup and hair. Choose something white or ivory coloured, similar to the colour of your wedding dress. This will help visualise your look and won’t throw off any unnecessary colours. 

CLIENT CONSULTATION I will access your skin and provide a full consultation on the day. We will touch on things such as your desired look but also the important stuff like any allergies, your skin type, skin concerns etc.

THE LOOK Photo’s of inspiration is key. We will pick at the photos you supply together, what parts you love and parts you dislike. If you need help deciding I will offer some suggestions on what I think will be most flattering and enhance your natural features. There will also be a discussion on your wedding theme, colour scheme, your dress, how you are going to style your hair etc to make sure your overall look all ties in together. Here’s a little quote I relate to when it comes to bridal makeup: “You should recognise the person you see in the mirror and later in your wedding photos. It's about making you look and feel like the best version of yourself”

TIMING I like to allow 90 minutes approx. per bridal trial. This will include the consultation, makeup application and also allows for any minor tweaks or adjustments we may decide on. To conclude the makeup session, photo’s may be taken as reference, which I will use to replicate the look on the wedding day.

THE FOLLOW UP I like to touch base the following day while its still fresh. Feedback will be requested so it can be noted for the the final look. Remember, you can contact me anytime and ask as many questions as you like.  I’m always happy to help.


CAN I SECURE MY WEDDING MAKEUP NOW AND BOOK MY TRIAL LATER? Of course you can! Majority of my brides prefer this option. The benefit is you can be at ease knowing your date is secured and not have to worry about someone else snatching it up, but also you can take your time finding the right event or occasion to utilise your trial.

CAN I TRY DIFFERENT LOOKS? Absolutely! Your options are endless! Each trial is for 1 look only + slight adjustments (total 90 minutes). So I would recommend trialling one makeup look per upcoming event you may have. For example: trial one look for your engagement party, perhaps a heavier look for your hens party and a softer look for your bridal shower.

HOW DO I SECURE MY WEDDING DATE? There are 3 easy options to obtain a quote. Via my socials (Website, Facebook & Instagram) texting or calling 0434245884 or email A personalised proposal will be sent to you within 24 hours. To secure the proposal and date, all that will be required is a $50 deposit & returned signed Terms & Conditions at time of booking. The remaining balance is not payable until your wedding date.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the service I provide and what’s involved with a bridal trial.

If you have found this information useful please feel free to share so that any brides you may know will benefit from this post.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Speak soon.

Sam x

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